Front View of Kohima Cathedral

While planning a trip, people usually list conventional places as their preferred choices. Doing so, they miss out destinations which have a plethora of magnificence to offer. One such destination, relatively less visited though, is Kohima in the Northeastern Himalayas.

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is quite contrary to other capital cities and towns of India. It boasts of a beautiful hilly terrain. It is renowned for its picturesque valleys and wildlife. The native people of the state of Nagaland are friendly and soft-spoken. English and Hindi are the prime languages spoken with the local Nagamese being popular as well. Christianity is the most followed religion in the state.
Kohima is not a very lively and throbbing city. It is quintessential to the definition of being pristine. So, if you love being around nature and wish to spend some time in serene surroundings, there is a raft of spots which the city has to offer.

The city of Kohima holds historical importance as well. It was established by the British during their colonial rein in India. The city was used as a post to keep an eye on the eastern disturbances. Additionally, a large number of martyrs in WWII, who hailed from the place, have been given a special place in a cemetery in the city; now a popular tourist destination.

wooden suspension bridge over the river Subansiri.

Tribal population boasts of being the saviors of the land; Nagas and Kukis being the dominant clans here. Their home is the enchanting forest cover, the lush green expanse of the state. The rhododendrons and the variety of flora is destined to leave you spell bound on your first visit. Walking trips are apparently the best way to explore the state by being the closest to mother nature and live it to the utmost. The churches, museums and the marketplace clubbed with the eternal beauty of the valleys complement every visitor’s holiday to render memories worth cherishing.

Kohima is well connected with major towns of the northeast viz Imphal, Dibrugarh and Dispur etc. The nearest airport being Dispur which is about 2 hours drive away.
Being there would be majestic to a level which can’t be portrayed in words. It would indeed be an experience of a lifetime.
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