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What do you know about India? India is a mysterious, exotic, sometimes strange, but truly intriguing country! No matter what country you go to, there are always things that you have to be cautious about. India is not an exception. I hope these tips will be helpful for anyone wanting to visit India.

1. Diseases

The most common health issue you get in the country is stomachache. You can prevent it by eating cooked food, washing hands regularly, choosing clean restaurants and so forth. And never drink tap water in India, every year 600,000 people die due to serious diarrhea caused by dirty tap water.

Also make sure to use a bug repelling spray whenever you are outside to avoid catching malaria through mosquitoes.

Below is the list of things you should always carry with you:

·         Medicine that you are familiar with
·         Sport beverage like Gatorade
·         Bug repelling spray
·         Wet tissues
·         Toilet paper
·         Hand sanitizer

Make sure you take out suitable travel insurance companies to cover the cost of getting sick whilst in India.

2.  Food

In India, the most common form of food you will eat is a curry.  Most curries will contain a lotofspices.   The only time you will not have curries is when you go to foreignrestaurants like McDonald’s. If you have a sensitive stomach to curries or unfamiliar foods then you should make sure you have your own medicine to treat an upset stomach.

3. Bargaining

Just like markets in many Arabic and far-east countries, you have to bargain with venders and even taxi drivers to get the best prices. It can be quite stressful if you are not used to, but it is necessary particularly if you are traveling on a tight budget. You have to be patient and try to have fun whilst you are bargaining.

Here are some tips to help you bargain successfully:
1.       Don’t tell them your budget
2.       Start by knowing how much you are willing to pay for the item
3.       Always let them say their price first
4.       Start at a lot lower price than you are willing to pay
5.       If you can get the item at half the price they say you have done a good job.

4. Lots of Homeless People

You will see a lot of homeless people on the streets everywhere in India. You will often be asked by them to buy some cigarettes or a chewing gum. I recommend not buying them, because once one of them sees you buying from another one, then all of them will try to sell you something very aggressively.

5. Clothing

It is advised not to dress too fashionably when walking around the streets.People will think you are rich and try to rip you off even more. Always wear clothes you can walk comfortably in. Flip-flops are a good choice for shoes.  For women, it is recommended you don’t expose your body too much because it is prohibited for Indian women to wear clothes that show skin due to the religion.

6. Climate

 Most people have this idea that India is always extremely hot, but in reality it varies across the country. Depending on the place and season you choose to visit, the temperature can be anywhere from cold to boiling hot. So check the weather for the places you intend to visit, as you may have to pack some clothes for cold weather as well as warm weather. Also from June through September it is India’s monsoon season.As a result during this period there are additional risks. It causes bad hygiene and boosts the risk of infection.  If you are visiting in the rainy season, bring a reliable umbrella. In general, the best traveling period is between October and May.

India can be one of the most enjoyable trips you will go on, if you are well prepared and have planned correctly. Consider these tips and make your own plans so you can have a fantastic holiday! (See- travel scams in India)

Kento Sakuma is from Tokyo, Japan and has extensive travel experience around the globe.

 Note: The views, opinions and positions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone is not financial product advice, and do not reflect the views of Watch India Wide.

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