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Sarson Ka Saag With Makki Ki Roti - A Seasonal Dish of Punjab

Sarson Ka Saag With Makki Ki Roti

As today this is the world of “Curry in Hurry” no one have much time, but if you are a slave of your taste buds than you must have patience, love and time to cook this dish. Sarso is a Punjabi translation of English word Mustard and saag is the Punjabi translation of the word Greens. So in English you can say this dish as “Mustard Greens”. Sarson ka Saag is a high nutrition dish. It  is a combination of best green vegetables which are full of nutrition and savory with amazing flavors.

This dish is really time taking but once you eat this I am damn sure that you love to spend time on this. It is just like cleaning, cooking, blending and cooking again. That is it your sarson ka saag will be ready to serve. It’s a seasonal dish of winters and icing on the cake is you can enjoy these greens with a lot of topping with homemade butter or desi ghee with sliced chopped onions and green chili. So let’s start this from step 1.

Step 1: First of all, these mustard never cook alone, you need at least four green veg. Those are Mustards(saag), chenopodium (Bathua), spinach (palak), radish leaf(muli k patte). And keep in mind about the ratio of these green veg. Is like1,1/2 means if you have 1 bunch of mustard then you must use ½ bunch of chenopodium, spinach and radish leaf. Now clean the green vegetables because it has a lot of sand with it, you have to wash it well. After cleaning, arrange them properly cut off the stems and then chop them cleanly so that they can cook well as shown in the image below.

Leafs for Sarson Ka Saag

Step 2: Now put all the green vegetables in a pressure cooker with green chili, garlic and ginger, chopped roughly and let it be on low flame for simmering. To make it softy like butter you have to simmer it near about 60 minutes.

Step 3: Not put it off from Gas, and it is the time to blend the saag well. It is your wish how you want to blend this. You can blend saag with hand blender or in a mixer. Blend it well so that it looks like soft puree. And simmer it again for 15 or 10 minutes.

Step 4: It is time to Tadhka.. J So chop near about two onions as per above given ratio of saag and two tomatoes. Take a pan and put oil in it. When oil gets  hot put sliced onion in it. Let them be golden brown, then add salt as per taste don’t add chilly because you have done this at the time of simmering as it mixed well put puree of saag in that pan.
And your Sarson ka Saag is all ready to serve. Put it into a bowl and use some sliced onion for decoration as shown in the image below.
Sarson Ka Saag in a bowl

Wait, something is still missing here because sarson ka saag is incomplete without “Makki ki roti” that is maize flour’s chapati. It is very easy to make.
Just take maize flour, put salt, red chilly powder and Thymol seeds. Knead it well until it becomes smooth. Then just make round chapaties with a lot of ghee. Chapati will look like:

Makki Ki Roti

Have a look at the ingredients:
Sarson ka Saag
1 Bunch of Mustards
½ Bunch of chenopodium
1/2 Buch of Spinach
½ Bunch of Raddish Leaf
4 green Chilly
1 big piece of Ginger
9 or 10 cloves of Garlic
For Tadhka:
2 or 3 Tablespoon Oil
2 Onions
2 Tomatoes
Salt as per taste

Makki ki Roti for 2 or 3 people
Maize flour at least 2 cups
Thymol seeds 1 tbp.
Red chilly powder 1 tbp.
Salt as per taste

Lohri Bonfire Festival:The Famous Winter Celebration in North India

Lohri festival Celebrations

Lohri: The Bonfire festival is also considered as an agricultural festival. Lohri is mainly celebrated in the state of Punjab. There is a very simple reason behind it because almost farmers are from Punjab. This is a festival is also connected with the solar year. (Image Credit: Lakshman Anand)
In Punjab, Lohri used to celebrate on 13th January. This festival says bye bye to winter. It is a belief that with the heat of bonfire temperature usually goes on high. It is believed that Lohri and Holika were sisters, Holika were burnt in the fire but Lohri still lives. 

In Punjab farmers sown wheat the main crop in the month of October and this time they all are at the big rest till March or April because at this time the fresh crop is just starting growing. On this day kids sung song of Dulha Bhatti, who supposed robin hood of Punjab. Dulha Bhatti considers as a savior because he robed rich people to help the poor once. Also one day Dulha Bhatti saves a girl who was forced to marry with a guy and that girl postulated him as his brother known as “Veera”.

Rituals of Lohri
Before a week of Lohri kids make a group and starts gathering firewood,  reorhi, gachak, mungfali(peanuts) and money as a token of love from their neighborhoods and in the night of Lohri all of them lit firewood which grasp a peak and tribute all the eatables collected from people in that bonfire.

This festival is more loved by Punjabi families because at the night of Lohri families have a great get together in the house where a baby boy is born just few times ago or in the house where a newly wed couple will be. In that house people meet and give greetings to each other by giving them hugs and wonderful gifts and after the bonfire every member of the family enjoys the beat of Dhol where boys do Bhangra(the Punjabi folk dance) and girls do Giddha(Punjabi folk dance for girls). As well as number of folk songs used to sing by old age persons of the family. All of them enjoy a lot and eat well. The main course of this day in food is Makai ki roti n sarso ka saag.
A very famous folk song of Lohri used to sing on this day is:
“Sunder mundriee ho
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!
Dulla bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!  Zamindaar sudhaye!!!”

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to put revari, popcorn & moongfali etc. in the Lohri fire!!!.

2013 - An Unforgettable Year For Indians!

Formation of Aam Aadmi Party
Formation of  a new Political Party (Image by- Veeresh Malik)
2013 was a year with the mixture of all types of emotions. During this year we have to face pleasures, sadness, defeats, disasters, miracles and any more moments we have spent with 2013. It’s the time to say Bye Bye to 2013 and to make a warm welcome of 2014. But before doing this, lets have a look on the main events which happened in India, in the year 2013.

In this single life, we have a ton of categories like where we have our government with us, at the same time entertainment field entertain us withal its efforts. Where we have our wonderful sports to enjoy at the same time technology startled us with its new inventions. Where we know the dates of festivals to be enjoyed at the same time, some of the mishapps shattered us completely. Here we will discuss almost every field in which India has his feelings.
The heart and the biggest event in India happened within politics is that AAP(Aam Admi Party) won his battle. Arvind Kejriwal become Chief Minister of Dehli. He gave a shocking defeat to Sheila dixit. On November 26, finally Arvind was ready to fight with corruption by being a part of politics. Now we all have to see what he is going to do in 2014.

Narender Modi the member of BJP party is on air now. He got good seats in votes this time. Narender Modi requested for votes by having a number of Portuguese. A good thing happened to Narender Modi in 2013 is that he is now relieved from the 2002 Gujrat riots case. SIT (Special Investigation Team) found that there is no relevant evidence found against Modi for these riots.

This is a field loved by almost everyone. The biggest event happened recent, from Colors television a show named “Bigg Boss 7” hosted by Salman Khaan ended with the winner Gauhar Khaan. She was a wonderful contestant of big boss house and always take stands for her own decisions also fight for her rights always.

From Bollywood this year two movies had blasted the cinema. Dhoom 3 the movie of Amir Khaan, Katreena Kaif, Abhishek Bachan  and Udey chopra attacted people with  their wonderful acting. This movie broke records of each Bollywood movie. The second blockbuster movie of 2013 was Krish 3. Hritik Roshan was appreciated by his fans for all the stunts he did in this movie. It was a high budgeted movie. Priyanka Chopra did a beautiful role in this movie.
In the last days of 2013, a wonderful actor of Farooq Sheikh left this world. He died of a heart attack in Dubai.
Sachin Tendulkar
Image by- Moving head
The biggest news for sports is: Sachin Tendulkar played his last match in Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. It was a kind of mercy moment or all fans of Sachin. The entire stadium of 32,000 people’s capacities was rumbled with Sachin-Sachin. He took  his retirement from the cricket team.
Mumbai Indians won the IPL series in 2013 by defeating Chennai  Super Kings.

A tragedy happened in 2013 which was horrible and can never be lived down. This miserable moment happened in Uttrakhand which was attached with two major rivers, Ganga and Yamuna. Here a number of pilgrimages are the reasons why a lot of people visited this place. A heavy cloudburst in Uttrakhand caused an unexpected devastating floods and several landslides. Number of rescue operation was done. But still thousands of people died in this misshapen.
Near about two trains were burnt this year because of reckless as well as natural reasons.

Google has announced to launch a new product Chromebooks in schools in India. It is said that these books will be available firstly in some schools of Andhra Pardesh in the next month. This is for updating students with new technologies and will be given to 9th and 10th standard students.

This was all major events. But how can we forget to talk about normal people, some of them had lost their mother, father, sister, brother and husband in this year. Our condolence with all of them and many congratulations the people who got any kind of success in this year. Hope 2014 will bring all the good moments with it.

Christmas Eve Celebrations in India

Christmas in India
India is the country where people belong to every religion celebrate festivals from the core of their heart not because it is related to their own religion, but because they love and respect all religion and their customs. Christmas is basically a festival of Christians. Near about 25 million population is of Christians in India but in case of celebration almost every religion celebrate this festival with happiness and togetherness.

Christmas was firstly celebrated in Europe but with time and because of population of Christians in India this festival started celebrating over here. It is a fact that here Christmas is not celebrated in way as per Europe. It is celebrated in an Indianized way. This festival is known as Badha Din in India as Big Day.

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in each and every country. But people start celebration before a week. Here all Christians get together in a church and they complete a round of their area while singing devotional songs and complete this round till early morning in India this ritual is known as “Prabhat Feri”. They do this task every evening.

With Prabhat Feri kids rehearses for a play. This play is all about Jesus Christ. They perform little tasks as the birth of Christ and how he gives his life for humankind. They start their play from very beginning that when Adam and Eve did a sin. The consequence of this sin was death. At that time God says that a savior will born soon who save humankind and fight for it. And as per “The Bible” Mary who was married with Joseph was blessed by an angel that you will give birth to a boy soon give him name “Jesus”. Mary did the same. Jesus was born in a stable and for his lifetime he saves humankind and fight for it till his last breath. Kids used to deliver a beautiful performance on the night of 24th December in Church.

People attend midnight mass in church. And by the next day of Christmas Eve people greet each other with best wishes, exchange gifts and have meal together. On this festival house, mall, offices and shops decorated with lights, gifts, angels, Santa and Christmas tree.

Goa is the most famous place in India where Christmas is celebrated. You can find here Old Portuguese style churches overflow with people and Christmas cheer. Mumbai is the second well known place where Christmas is celebrated. People here celebrate this festival like crazy. Bandra’s Hill road is seems awesome at this day with full lightning.

This is how all Indians give their devotion to festivals. Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

How to Avoid a Spam Report on Your Google+ Posts

How to avoid a Google+ spam
Today, we found more than twenty Google+ posts flagged as spam in our Community. We noticed that, almost of all posts are from Blog, Website, or from Google+ personal profile with a permalink (article link). A community member cannot see this spam flagging on his/her post, but a community moderator can see and should take the necessary action on this spam flagging.

Here, we describe some simple method and tips to avoid spam flagging by Google on Google+.  A good presentation of a perfect post will drive more traffic to your blog or website. So please follow these simple methods.

The guidelines or rules
Read and strictly follow the rules of a community before curate and publish a post. Neglecting the rule is one of the main reasons of spam reporting and a punishment as ban from communities.

Creation and publishing a post
Select a relevant category before publish a post and its very important.  Do not post more than two posts in a row. Do not post same article twice or thrice (even after six months) and avoid repeating.  Add minimum 20 to 50 words text description with your post. Make this text interesting and informational, which can attract more readers to your blog/website.

Do not post a single link, Blog/website link, post link (permalink) without an adequate description. Avoid excessive use of #tags or #links in a #post. Add additional extra notes, separately with you reach posts, while share it with each community.

Avoid multiple (bulk) post shares from your 'personal Profile'. Use your personal profile for personal purpose only. Create a Google+Page (as similar as Facebook Page) and use your Pages to share your blog/website links, articles or pictures etc. Re-share these posts from your page to your timeline (friends and circles). Share your blog/website posts to a community; use your Google+ page identity (not your profile identity).

Link your Blog/ website link and add you contact details with your Google+ page. After creating Google+ Page, go to blogger dash board >Just below ‘My Blogs’, find Google+ Icon (left side), Click on that
Goole+ button, now you can see a message- ‘this blog is associated with your personal Google+ profile’ change it as your ‘Google+ page’ by just one click on it. Tick top and bottom check boxes. Read all 'six ways to improve your blog with Google+ (read at least first one).
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Tempting Street Foods of India!

Pani puri, Indian Street Food
Indian Street Food
One of the virtues of the Indian people is their way of expressing their love in their foods. They not only cook with the intention for filling up their stomach but also for showing their love and affection to the people by cooking with their hearts. India carries a vibrant traditional food culture. Except from the eye-catching TAJ- MAHAL in Agra, India is also known for their mouth watering foods in streets and also loved and praised by the tourists. People find it completely irresistible to eat the delicious spicy foods and the beautiful sweets are locals’ specialty.

The self inviting look of the streets food plus the aroma in the air will act as a magnet for the people around the places. From north to south and from east to west, each and every place has it’s very own flavor and style of the foods and the way of presenting. Some people even recommend banana leaves as a basement for foods. Chaat is regarded as one of the spiciest food of India. It is proven by the Indian locals that no other people can present the same taste and the yumminess except them; well it’s a true fact though. The chickpeas, curd, boiled potatoes; mixture of spices and green chutneys just melts in mouth.

Indian Tea from Street Tea Stall
Tea from tea stall

The Tea around here, well known for the term “chai”, is also very renowned. The first thing they serve is tea and it is one of the important for the Indians. The road stalls will be crowded with people for the early morning chai. There is a saying from the local people there that, “Once you have a sip of the chai, you will be demanding for more and it is indescribable in words”.

Almost everybody is a fan of panipuri in the Asian countries but in India, it is irresistible for the people. No matter the age, all the people love the traditional golgappas, as they mutter all over the streets. This is the best street food in the whole India. Some even say that no 5 star restaurants can provide the mouth watering snack as panipuri like in streets; majority could not agree more. Except these, lassi and samosas are also regarded as the popular food or snack in India.

Not only for the Taj Mahal, but India is also known for its love for foods. We cannot ignore the fact that India is such a country where the people represent food as their passion. 

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Explore Kohima - Experience The Magnificence

Kohima Cathedral (by- deep goswami)
While planning a trip, people usually list conventional places as their preferred choices. Doing so, they miss out destinations which have a plethora of magnificence to offer. One such destination, relatively less visited though, is Kohima in the Northeastern Himalayas.

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is quite contrary to other capital cities and towns of India. It boasts of a beautiful hilly terrain. It is renowned for its picturesque valleys and wildlife. The native people of the state of Nagaland are friendly and soft-spoken. English and Hindi are the prime languages spoken with the local Nagamese being popular as well. Christianity is the most followed religion in the state.
Kohima is not a very lively and throbbing city. It is quintessential to the definition of being pristine. So, if you love being around nature and wish to spend some time in serene surroundings, there is a raft of spots which the city has to offer.

The city of Kohima holds historical importance as well. It was established by the British during their colonial rein in India. The city was used as a post to keep an eye on the eastern disturbances. Additionally, a large number of martyrs in WWII, who hailed from the place, have been given a special place in a cemetery in the city; now a popular tourist destination.

wooden suspension bridge over the river Subansiri.
Amazing Wooden suspension bridge over river Subansiri  (by- Rita Willaert)
Tribal population boasts of being the saviors of the land; Nagas and Kukis being the dominant clans here. Their home is the enchanting forest cover, the lush green expanse of the state. The rhododendrons and the variety of flora is destined to leave you spell bound on your first visit. Walking trips are apparently the best way to explore the state by being the closest to mother nature and live it to the utmost. The churches, museums and the marketplace clubbed with the eternal beauty of the valleys complement every visitor’s holiday to render memories worth cherishing.

Kohima is well connected with major towns of the northeast viz Imphal, Dibrugarh and Dispur etc. The nearest airport being Dispur which is about 2 hours drive away.
Being there would be majestic to a level which can’t be portrayed in words. It would indeed be an experience of a lifetime.
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How To Get A Big Exposure For Indians On Social Medias!

Online Social Networking Medias are now became an integral part of our day-to-day life. People can create, share ideas, communicate with a person from far, comment or like others skill and knowledge etc, within their circles. But, there are some limits and restrictions over rapid expansion or adding more people to your Social Media Friends circles and follower circles, to gain more exposure for you.

Social Networks are big platforms to express your talent and skill, but most of its users are still unable to spread their great knowledge to a large and wide audience, due to insufficient number of friends and active followers. Here we would like to share some features, limitations and a great solution with you.

Advantages and Benefits:
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Main Disadvantages:
Social Medias are time-consuming (waste of time for most) and people spending too much time to make more active followers and friends, instead of creation. It is too difficult to spread an idea or information to a large crowd, by a person with less followers or friends (you have to pay for that).

Social Medias are best and used to spread temporary information and activities like short news, season greetings, one day event and function, show your pictures and boast about yourself etc. for a limited period. It is not suitable for permanent (sticky) information or long written matters about a place, events, news, festivals, invention, services and other similar activities etc. Within few days, all news and important information goes to the bottom and difficult recover by a second person.

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